Home schooling!

Me and my sisters have started our schooling a couple of days ago! If you didn’t know me and my sisters are home schooled! We love to do our school! We just moved the big bed up where my dads

What’s new, Pussycat?

Me and my family have been cleaning the whole house! My mom is selling some of the stuff on her facebook wall! We also made a Cambodia wall! We got rid of my dads big desk and brought up a

Button magnets for sale!

EDIT (12:23pm, 1.11.13): I only have 7 small earth tone magnets left! Do you have any pictures or Christmas cards and need magnets to hold them up on the fridge? Me and my sisters have made some bright and cheerful

Cambodia prayer bracelets!

My sister Livi and I (edit: now Nina and Mom are helping too!) are making friendship bracelets to raise money for the boys center in Cambodia! They’re $1.00 for each bracelet and $1.00 for shipping (for up to ten bracelets).

The story of my teeth!

When I was nine I had a tooth accident. And here is what happened. It was my cousin Reese”s Birthday at a gymnastics place. My mom and dad were not there. There was a floor trampoline and I did a

Our new tortoise Atlas!

We just got a new pet on Friday. Our pet is a Sulcata tortoise named Atlas! We have a lot of fun with him! And he is only 4 months old we don’t know exactly when he was born but

10 things I like about homeschooling!

I love homeschooling! I was homeschooled last year for 4th grade but I like it a lot better with both sisters home with me doing school! Now here are 10 things I like about homeschooling! I like homeschooling! its cool

Sulcata Tortoise Facts!

I’m so excited about Sulcata tortoises! They are so cute but I have to remember that they will get big. Now here are some facts about Sulcata tortoises! Another name for sulcata tortoise is African spurred tortoise. They are from

Dreaming about turtles!

I love turtles! They are my favorite animals. I’ve always wanted one but the cool ones are a lot of money. Once we went to a pet store and they had a big tortoise just walking around the store. I’ve