Our new tortoise Atlas!

We just got a new pet on Friday. Our pet is a Sulcata tortoise named Atlas! We have a lot of fun with him! And he is only 4 months old we don’t know exactly when he was born but we say that his Birthday is April 24. He is a tortoise he sounds slow but  he is not he is so fast for a tortoise! Me and my family love watching him eat and yawn!

Me and my family went to my papaw and grandmas cabin and we found a log and a rock. Atlas has a terrarium and he can see his reflection on the side so he races it for like 20min! We feed him lettuce and other dark green foods! But he is a baby so he sleeps a lot at night time from like 7pm to 7am but that’s not the exact time but its close.I’ve only had one fish and that’s the only pet I ever had but now I have a pet tortoise!

We want to keep atlas for as long as we can but the sulcata tortoise will live till 150 years old. That’s the oldest the sulcata tortoises can grow! But we won’t live to 150 years old so we will do something!

We also have a states blanket we call it atlas’s blanket we put him on it and he runs like crazy on it! But we can’t let him go on carpet. He has pooped on Pennsylvania and Arizona and peed on Hawaii. We like to play with him on his blanket because we can let him have more space to walk on! He can eat a lot of food in one day we love to watch him eat! Me and my family are so excited that we got Atlas tuk tuk Taviano!

Do you have a pet? If you do whats his or her name?


  1. Livi Taviano

    My pets name is Atlas and he is a sulcata tortoise. You and I made a maze for him and he figured it out every single time, even as we kept making it harder. He is really cute! I should probably stop calling Atlas a he because you don’t know he/she is 5.

  2. Lacey

    3barn kittens, as we just moved to a new house in February, all girls….. Speedy Steve, mighty Thor, and Jack the Flash. (I went to WLS)with your uncleJosh;)

  3. Megan Bradford

    Hi Ava, you know what pets we have already, but Ithought you would like to know that we are saying Willow’s birthday is May 2nd. So they are super close in age. We can help each other remember their ages!

  4. Ruth

    We don’t have any pets right now, but I had a dog named Zak when I was a little girl. My kids want to get a dog but I am not ready for that yet. I am considering getting a parakeet though. I had those too growing up & loved them!

  5. Robby

    I have a Boston Terrier named Rosey. She is 10 years old. I have a question about Atlas. How big will it be when it is 5 years old?

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