Cambodia prayer bracelets!

My sister Livi and I (edit: now Nina and Mom are helping too!) are making friendship bracelets to raise money for the boys center in Cambodia! They’re $1.00 for each bracelet and $1.00 for shipping (for up to ten bracelets).

You can ware them as bracelets to remind you to pray for Cambodia, you can give them as gifts to people and to tell them about Cambodia, or as a bookmark.

We have a bunch already made or you can pick any 3 colors you like.

The money will help the boys center with there monthly expenses and help our friends Panha, Veasna, Borey, Sopheak, and Sineath go on a mission trip to India.

You can leave your orders in the comments and my mom and I will e-mail you.

Thank you so much!!


  1. Arneta

    I would like 10 bracelets please….You Girls have done a beautiful job….. All of them are lovely so if you could choose 10 for me that would be awesome!!!
    Praying you hit 50 super quick for your mommas birthday!!
    Keep up the good work… It so great to see how you young girls are making a difference in many boys lives …. And you know God wont let it stop there!

  2. Amy Thompson

    I would like 10 bracelets. Do we pick 3-4 colors for each bracelet? That’s what it looks like.

    2 bracelets with yellow and royal blue
    1 bracelet with red and white
    1 bracelet with red, black and white
    3 bracelets with red, white and blue
    1 bracelet with pink, black and white
    1 bracelet with pink and purple
    1 bracelet with red and green

  3. Sharon Meekins

    Hi Ava,

    I would love to buy 10 bracelets. Any color is fine. I would like to include them in my OCC shoeboxes! Blessings to you, sweet girl!

  4. Cathy Monteiro

    Hi Ava,
    You are a powerful force for doing good in this world. I am so proud of you. I would like to buy 10 bracelets. Please let me know how I can get the money to you.

    Mrs. M.

      1. Cathy Monteiro

        If I get to see you, please come to school!!! If it’s more convenient, then mail them. I LOVE blue, but I intend to give 9 of them away, so whatever colors you’d like to send would be fine.
        Love you, Sweet Ava!!!

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