10 things I like about homeschooling!

Ava and our tomatoesI love homeschooling! I was homeschooled last year for 4th grade but I like it a lot better with both sisters home with me doing school! Now here are 10 things I like about homeschooling!

  • I like homeschooling! its cool because you can count a lot of stuff for school like the zoo, pet stores, walks in the woods, library ¬†things like that!
  • I like that I can have a snack during school.
  • I like that my mom is my teacher she knows what stuff I’m good at and what I”m not good at. Not that I don’t like other teachers that are ¬†not my mom.
  • I like that we can do a lot of school we like and not as much of stuff we don’t like. I don’t like math but I still have to do it!
  • I like that my mom goes easy on us with what we’re not to good at.
  • I like that documentaries count as school. The ones we’ve watched are China, Italy, Brazil, and Blue Planet.
  • I like that cooking, baking, and gardening count. We have a tomato project going on.
  • I like homeschooling because there is not 26 kids theres only 3!
  • Homeschooling is so fun your with your family. You can take brakes and go places.
  • I like that I can be alone in a room to work!

Which of my ten things is most exciting to you?


  1. Marcy

    I love your blog and this one about homeschooling. I have only one I am homeschooling this year and I should get him to read your list. The others are in school for now. Great list!!

  2. Livi Taviano

    Let me see… I like numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10. I also love that I can read and write, and use my imagination. I also like that we can use electronics like kindles, laptops, Ipods, instead of public school. Also I don’t have to be on the bus for 1 hr and a half!!!

  3. Dara Huber

    The Hubers would LOVE to have a zoo school/play date with you all if you ever want to=:) I love ALL your reasons you like homeschooling!! My favorite is getting to be with your family. That’s my favorite too=:)

  4. Ruth

    I like a lot of those reasons, and I agree with them all. I love the flexibility of homeschool. The one that stood out to me was the one about documentaries. I didn’t like history, geography, or even science that much when I was school-age but I wish I learned more about those subjects. Now as an adult I LOVE documentaries, the history channel, etc. So I’m glad you’re enjoying these things as a kid instead of waiting til you’re old like me. :)

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