Home schooling!

Me and my sisters have started our schooling a couple of days ago! If you didn’t know me and my sisters are home schooled! We love to do our school! We just moved the big bed up where my dads big desk was. We’ve been doing all our school work on the bed! Me and my sisters have a  little company called The Dancing Elephant we do research on countries we would love to visit! So that’s part of our school that we do!

We also do math. I’m in sixth grade so that’s the math I do. Maths not my best subject. My oldest sister Livi is in seventh she does algebra 1. Shes a little ahead in math. Shes good at math. My youngest sister Nina is in first grade. She does fourth grade math. She is ahead in her math big time! We also read a ton. I’m reading the Penderwick series! Livi’s reading the third Harry Potter book! Nina is reading the second Harry Potter book! I’m doing a Grammar book. That’s not my favorite thing to do!!! I think that reading is the best part of school then writing. I wrote a 5,000 word book last year for school. I’m working on a second one!

We have a system in our school we do Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are days my mom tells us we have to do this this and this. But Tuesday and Thursday are our free days were we pick some thing school related to do for those days. We chose lots of things to do! We also are learning where all the countries in the world are! So far I only know where all the states are and all the countries in Asia! We do a lot more stuff in our home schooling but I can’t well could but don’t feel like writing that big of a blog!

So now its Question time…..What is your favorite subject?


  1. Sharon


    Reading about the company you and your sisters have reminded me of when my sister and I were kids. We played, “Blue Moon Agency” (which was from a TV show – ask your parents, they might be familiar with it). Anyways, we’d dress up like we were working in a real office and “talk” on the phone etc.

    I love to read and write, too!

    A 5,000 page book??? That is amazing! Did you have a schedule or anything as far as when you wrote? For example, did you say, okay, on Tues and Thurs, I will work on my book from 9:30 – 11:30? I’ve always wanted to write a book, but am terrible about sitting down and actually doing it.

  2. Aunt Jess

    My favorite subjects to teach my kids are history and geography. When I was in school, my favorite subjects were English and History. I also liked to read, but not for school!

  3. Bethany

    In high school my favorite subjects were Art, Photography, Home Ec., Music (band and choir), and Publications (we wrote articles for the school newspaper and also made yearbook pages). Oh yeah, and of course reading!

  4. Gabe Taviano

    Favorite subject is art, then computers / technology, then math. I am glad each of you girls are not good at the same thing in school, and that you like different things. That’s how God created us, and it’s definitely more fun that way. I am proud of you for writing your books, and for blogging. Those are good practices for things you might be able to do when you get older!

  5. Olivia Taviano

    From my favorite to least favorite, here they are…
    Reading, Geography, Writing, Art, and if cooking counts, than that would be like my favorite! But I don’t enjoy baking as much. And I know you like reading, or else you wouldn’t be reading right now!

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