The story of my teeth!

When I was nine I had a tooth accident. And here is what happened. It was my cousin Reese”s Birthday at a gymnastics place. My mom and dad were not there. There was a floor trampoline and I did a flip on it and when I landed on the trampoline, my teeth hit my knee. My front right tooth was all the way back and pulled down. And I lost one of my teeth. And when I came up I felt that my mouth was weird so I ran to my grandma and showed her my tooth and she took me in to the bathroom and we cleaned my teeth a little and then we left to meet my mom and dad.

When we saw them I showed them my teeth and I sat with my mom all the way home. And I was so afraid. I didn’t want to go to sleep because I thought what if I wake up and I bump my tooth on my other teeth! But I fell asleep and the next morning we went to the dentist and he pushed my tooth a little up and put a brace on it and I kept the brace in for like three weeks. Then I got the brace off and we went to see a orthodontist like a month after and they said that I could not get braces till all my teeth were lost and grown back in so we left.

And now I am TEN and I just like two days ago lost a tooth and now I have one tooth left that is wiggly! Then my mom said we would start talking about the orthodontist when I lost my last tooth! My tooth bothered me when it was back far its not as far so it does not bother me.

But I don’t love my teeth this way when I have the choice to get braces I will get them but right now I need to lose my other tooth and braces cost a lot so if I get them they better be good!


  1. Shalla Johnson

    Ava you did an AMAZING job with that accident! You are one brave girl! And that smile of yours lights up all four of my kiddos faces – and mine :) Nice job on the post!! I will let Carter and Campbell read your post when they get home and let them write something to you!

  2. Gabe Taviano

    That was a sad day. I am very proud of how you have handled that it happened. Your Uncle Tug and Grandma Taviano both love you very much, and did an awesome job at helping you when we were not there. Accidents are not fun, but I am very glad that you are okay, and your smile is still very beautiful. I love you, Ava.

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