Dreaming about turtles!

I love turtles! They are my favorite animals. I’ve always wanted one but the cool ones are a lot of money. Once we went to a pet store and they had a big tortoise just walking around the store. I’ve seen neat turtles my favorite ones are small tiny ones.

We went to a pet store today and saw three tiny tortoises! They are called Sulcata tortoises. They are $219 dollars but my dad looked online for the exact kind and those ones were $110 so me and my sisters are raising up money for them. My mom said that I need to research about them. They do get really big but my mom said that we could still get them but if they get to big we will sell them. But online the big mom/dad can cost thousands of dollars.

The Sulcata tortoises are really active because they have to walk a lot in the Sahara desert to find food. The ones we saw at the pet store were walking around a lot in there terrarium. They are the third largest tortoise in the world. But they are really challenging pets so we will have to do lots of research. But we are still thinking about it. I’m surprised my mom might let us have the third largest tortoise in the world but not a dog!

Have you ever had a turtle or tortoise? do you have any advice for us?


  1. Chris Yoder

    When I was a little girl, my brothers and sisters and I each had a little turtle and we would line them up on a bath towel and have a turtle race! It was fun!

  2. Sharon

    Your last line is my favorite! I am not an animal lover and though my husband has begged me for a dog (and when my daughter gets old enough I’m sure she will, too) I have said absolutely not! That’s amazing that the turtles are so expensive! I had no idea. I recently saw some cockroaches from Madagascar and was surprised at how big they were. And also that anyone was even willing to touch them. I’m excited to follow your blog, Ava!

  3. Stephanie

    I had a Russian tortoise when I was your age. Her name was Scooter. She lived in a big fish tank, but she didn’t need any water in her tank. I lined the bottom of her tank with rabbit food pellets, and every few days, I’d have to give Scooter a bath, while I scooped out all the pellets and put fresh ones down.

  4. Grandma T.

    I had a small turtle and the shell got really soft….and I had it in a pan , with a rock, some grass and water… that is all I remember. Now I love to take you guys on the boat and hunt the leather back turtles for a quarter.

  5. Danielle

    Hi Ava! What a great job you did on your first blog, I know so much more about turtles and tortoises now! I have only had dogs and cats as pets. Right now we have 3 dogs and 2 cats at our our house.

  6. Ruth

    Actually, I did have a turtle when I was a kid. One time when we were driving down the road we saw a turtle who had been run over by a car. It was still alive but the bottom (softer) part of its shell was all scratched up. We ended up taking it home & caring for it until it was all healed up. I loved having a turtle. You know what else liked? I had an African Dwarf Frog while I was in college. They only stay under water (you don’t need any rocks or a big place for them) & they are really cute. You can’t hold them, but my frog liked to swim around (“dance”) when I played music. Lol. I hope you raise your money for your turtle quickly!

  7. Elizabeth

    I’ve never owned a pet turtle, but when my sisters and I would find them in our yard we always wrote our initials on their backs with nail polish. My kids do the same thing now! There are turtles all over Oklahoma, especially when it rains, so people don’t get that excited about them. I think they’re great though, especially the giant ones at the zoo. Did you see them when you came to our zoo? They’re so fun to watch. They walk very slowly and then just plop down when they get tired!

  8. Valerie

    Hi Ava!

    I had a red ear slider turtle for three years, his name was Rocko and he was so much fun to watch! He loved swimming, digging, and climbing on the rocks we put into his home. On tank cleaning days he enjoyed swimming in a large mixing bowl and seemed to enjoy being out in natural sunlight.

    Rocko was not a planned pet…Mike’s grandfather found him wandering up their stone driveway when they lived out in the country and he didn’t know where he came from exactly or what to do with him so he brought the little guy to the family pet expert. Rocko arrived to our apartment in a small tupperware container and I had absolutely no idea what kind of turtle he was or how to take care of him. Thank goodness for the internet or he may not have lived as long as he did, we went on vacation and entrusted Rocko to the care of family and they forgot to feed him.

    My only advice is to most definitely do your research before adding one into the family. Turtles/tortoises are amazing creatures. I found a lot of good information at http://www.petturtle.com I would imagine there would be a similar site out there for tortoises too… have fun researching!

  9. Jen Hanson

    Hmmm… I was one of those kids that really, really, wanted a pet, but then after a few weeks stopped wanted to play with and take care of it (whoops!). I guess that’s why I don’t want Weston and Isaac to get a pet when they get bigger – I don’t want to have to be the mom taking care of it.

    Devin’s Grandma has a desert tortoise and it is really funny to watch him eat.

  10. Carolyn Hensley

    Hi Ava! I have a little 7 month old granddaughter named Ava and I hope she grows up to be as smart as you!
    I had one of those little turtles a long time ago when I was a kid (I am the same age as your Grandma Taviano) but you cant have them anymore because of diseases.
    If you get one what will you name it?

  11. Jennifer Bale

    What a fun first post! I know exactly nothing about tortoises, but a lot about reading blog posts, so that’s what I’m commenting on. YEA FIRST BLOG!!

  12. Melissa

    I don’t know too much about tortoises and I’ve never had one as a pet. Although they seem interesting. The only pets I have ever had our a dog and when I was young we had sheep for a while. Good luck with your research!

  13. Beth

    I wonder if these are the kind they have at our zoo. I don’t know much about tortoises – I can’t even spell it! I suppose I should go to your school. :) I hear turtles are great pets. We have two dogs that we got for our daughter. One is about 110 lbs and one is about 70 lbs. They stay outside most of the time, are a lot of fun, and eat a lot. They are expensive if they have to go to the vet but thankfully they are fairly healthy.

  14. Livi Taviano

    I hope you can get those tortoises, cause then I will be able to see them all the time! I have never had a tortoise before which you probably already knew. I like your blog post!

  15. ellen

    my brother had a little green turtle many years ago – you can’t buy them now cause I guess they cause diseases – he put it in a toy dump truck and it died — I am sure you all will do much better than my goofy brother LOL

  16. Jolie

    Ava – the turtle sounds really neat! I have never had a pet turtle of my own, but my husband had one as a kid (its name was Michael Jordan) and when I studied abroad in Costa Rica, my host mom had a turtle named “Espeedy” (like Speedy) which was obviously a joke since it took him ten years to cross the kitchen floor.

  17. Deborah

    Hi Ava!

    I’ve never had a turtle as a pet, but my sister, Diana, loved turtles a lot, so I got her a beautiful, green, stained-glass turtle lamp. She really liked it.

    And I’m surprised, too! It will be neat to hear the results of your research! Keep us posted! :)


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