Sulcata Tortoise Facts!

I’m so excited about Sulcata tortoises! They are so cute but I have to remember that they will get big. Now here are some facts about Sulcata tortoises!

  • Another name for sulcata tortoise is African spurred tortoise.
  • They are from the Southern edge of the Sahara desert in Northern Africa.
  • The Sulcata tortoise is the largest main land tortoise.
  • They dig up burrows at around 30 inches deep, some as deep as 10 feet under ground. But if we get them we wont let them dig are back yard up!
  • Baby sulcata tortoises are 2-3 inches but they double there size in growth each of the first 3 years. But adults are usually 24 to 36 inches long and weigh 100 to 200 pounds. They live about 50 to 150 years long.
  • When they eat, 75% of their diet should be grass.

I think that sulcata tortoises are a cool idea but i hope my family if we do get a tortoise that we can give it good food and a good place to live. I hope we can get the sulcata tortoise but before its yes I have to do more research so we can provide a good home. I think that a tortoise would be hard but they are very cute and there housing is easy. I’ve seen so many cute pictures about baby sulcata tortoises they we’re so adorable the big ones are cute to. I love tortoises!


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  2. Jennifer Griffin

    Holy turtle! (cow doesn’t make sense in this situation) Noah will want one of these! I can’t believe how LONG they can live! That’s a HUGE commitment for sure. You can ride that around the yard!

  3. Holly

    Hi Ava…..nice facts about the turtles and tortoises. I have a very funny story about a turtle. We saw a turtle walking down the road one day while we were driving. I stopped, picked it up and took it home. Coral was about 4 or 5 at the time and ready for a nap. So I left mr. turtle in a box in the van and walked into the house and put her into bed. When I returned to the car – NOT EVEN THREE MINUTES LATER – mr. turtle was gone! EEEEK! I freaked out, looked everywhere and even ran back into the house wondering if Coral had snuck mr. turtle into her room! I didn’t find him and was so sad……and then I saw something moving down our street. Mr. turtle had crawled up the door of our car and flopped out of the window that was only open a crack – and booked it ALL THE WAY down the street in those 3 to 5 minutes. Hilarious.

    Keep up the good fact finding and writing!

  4. Ruth

    That’s so crazy about how big they can get! I bet it will be fun having a tortoise, if you go that route. Have fun researching!

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